Tuesday, May 3, 2011

QPR to the EPL?

Note: Nursing a sick son today so time only for frivolity about soccer - for what you all turn to The Oregon Economics Blog, of course - where else?

Queens Park Rangers have won the Championship and will play in the English Premier League next season (pending a hearing on a potential violation with a player signing). My granddad, from Hammersmith and a QPR man, would be excited were he still around.  Of course, this hearing is serious and could jeopardize their promotion, so one can only wait and see.

In other football news, my Arsenal beat Manchester United Sunday which otherwise would be a glorious event but now serves only to rub salt into the wounds of us supporters following a spectacular late season collapse and no hardware to show for their efforts.   In fact, since I posted my rhapsodic recap of the first Champions Leg tie with Barcelona it has all been down hill.

Timbers in the meantime, look an entirely different side at home.  Clearly the home support matters a lot, but I also think the very small pitch at Jeld-Wen Field helps them with their defensive shape which was a disaster at the expansive Home Depot Center in LA.

Finally, the Barcelona - Real Madrid tie continues today after what can only be called a disgrace of a first leg, especially for Barça, a team I admire immensely but who spent much of the game play-acting to get RM players carded.  But Real Madrid were trying to play the pack it in defense game which was ugly and stultifying. For shame for both of them.  Fortunately football's little superman, Leo Messi, saved the day with a characteristic piece of individual brilliance.

Me and the sicko will watch the second leg, hopefully Real Madrid will actually try and win the game and bring their full-on attack which could be fun.

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