Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Soccernomics: Does it Pay to be Professional? Timbers Salaries

Ever wonder what soccer players (not named Beckham and Henry) get for playing professionally in the MLS?  Well, here are the Timbers salaries this year (you can find all MLS salaries here).  I know that the order and formatting is terrible, but being a man of an advanced age, this is about as good as my technological abilities get.  Actually and more to the point: the opportunity cost of doing more than this quick clip is too high.

For me the best value-for-money by far is Kalif Alhassan who is my vote for MVP at this point in the season.  The worst is probably Kevin Goldthwaite who has not seen much action and doesn't look to see much more as well as Futty is playing.

The Timbers, by the way, have the lowest payroll in the league:

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