Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oregon Unemployment Falls to 9.6% in April

The Oregon unemployment rate fell to 9.6% in April, down from a revised March figure of 9.9%.  Note that this puts Oregon just a shade above the national rate of 9%.  In addition Oregon added 1,600 jobs in April after a loss of 2000 in March.

UPDATE: A commentator asks about the underemployment rate.  Here are all the various definitions and their Oregon estimates for April:

Underemployment as the term is generally used is the U6 measure and includes those that want to work full time and cannot, those that do not have regular employment, etc.  For Oregon is is estimated to be 18.4% in April as compared to the US which was at 15.9% for April.


R said...

What's Underemployment?

Ben Price said...

The official measurement of underemployment is supposedly captured by U6 unemployment rates

Patrick Emerson said...


Great question, I added the underemployment numbers to the post.