Friday, July 30, 2010

Econ 101: Price Discrimination Redux

It occurs to me that one reason current Timbers season ticket holders snapped up the $99 tickets is this: many of them are probably Timbers Army folks who surmised - rightly - that there will be plenty of TA section tickets available when the general public gets to buy tickets and who also surmised - possibly correctly, we'll see - that if they bought $99 season tickets, they could resell them for a lot more than face value.

In other words, the $99 tickets were an arbitrage opportunity: buy them now and buy the regular TA section tickets later (it is general admission so it doesn't matter when you purchase them).  Then sell the $99 tickets later for more money.

Methinks the TA folks knew a good opportunity when they saw it...


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Lane said...

Patrick, I wonder what you think now after seeing all the TA season tickets sell out, and the crazy lineup tonight for single game tickets. Will there be a bunch of TA supporters hoping to sneak over to the "riot" from the "quiet"? I'm glad I picked up my season tickets early on.