Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Fish and Chip Shop

The Fish and Chip Shop owner Mick Shillingford was kind enough to comment on my post praising his business. Here are his thoughts, hoisted from the comments:

Thanks for coming to the fish and chip shop! Here's a quick update. I'm expanding the dining area (within the next 30 days) so seating room should double. Also I applied for a beer and wine license. People like beer with their F&C yes? Soon hopefully. The cod is fresh year round, I buy true cod over ling, the halibut season started last week so I have fresh and previously frozen right now.(not sure what you guys tried) The market price for fresh is up a little right now. I'm told due to the volcano and the weather in alaska. But it should drop back down soon. ... Also fyi the portion sizes went up, we stopped using lettuce for garnish and switched to green checkered paper. Our menu also has fish and chip combos now, as well as our ala carte menu which seemed to just create confusion. I'm sure as we grow there will be more changes to improve service and quality. Thanks for all the great comments on the F&C. Much appreciated! See ya at the chippy!

A few notes in response:

One, the picture I grabbed from this article (and should have credited, sorry!) because it was pretty and I forgot to snap a pic or two. What I really wanted was a closeup of the storefront, but alas, the internets failed me. Anyway, the lettuce garnish was indeed absent from our plates (which is a good thing, because then you feel guilty that you are not eating any leafy greens - unless you want to eat the leaf under your chips...).

Two, the service was great - fast, friendly and casual. They also have a great kids menu and my son had a good time coloring Mikey the Fish. I am not a professional restaurant reviewer so I don't tend to think about all the stuff I should cover.

Three, they had a great flat screen TV showing football (er, soccer) - it was a Barca v. Mallorca replay when we were there. Learning that Mick hails from London however raises the ugly spectre that it is entirely possible that he is a Tottenham supporter, which, if true, would be too terrible to contemplate... Say it 'aint so Mick! Of course my Grandad thought I must have been switched at birth for supporting Arsenal and not his beloved QPR so there you go.

Fourth, the news that you might soon be able to enjoy a beer with your fish and chips is too wonderful to contemplate. One wonders how far Mick will go to stock British beers given his superhuman efforts to stock British soda. The thought of a good fish and chips with a pint of Theakston's Best Bitter? Oh the rapture!

Hmmm, I am hungry again....


Dennis said...

This just makes me want fish and chips.

Any advice on where to get the best possible fish and chips in Corvallis? (The 90+ mile drive is a bit much for lunch.)

Patrick Emerson said...

I have only tried the McMenamins downtown. It was great - but I am suspicious that it was an aberration - definitely worth a try. I wonder if Block 15 is doing F&C....?

Dennis said...

I friend had Block 15's F&C a few days ago and said it was good. However, his standard and mine are decidedly different, so I can only take that as an endorsement to try it. The menu says they use Mahi-Mahi instead of Cod or Halibut.

I've had both good and bad at the downtown McMenamin's. I suspect it has more to do with who's in the kitchen than anything else.

Fuse said...

In the UK, a major fish and chip shop scandal is emerging today. Some chippies are conning customers by selling cobbler catfish as cod.