Friday, February 17, 2012

Oregonian News Network

I am now participating in a partnership with The Oregonian, something they call the Oregonian News Network, there is a logo and link up on the top right of the page (got some problems with black text on a black background but hopefully I can get that corrected soon).  This arrangement is, in economics terms, one of complements: the relationship is mutually beneficial in that it, it is hoped, will bring more readers to both sites.

Other than this cross-posting and promoting, however, there are no ties, editorial or otherwise.  I get no financial benefit and there is no oversight or interference in any way over what I write.  I also have a relationship with the Oregon Business Magazine where they, from time to time, excerpt and link to my posts.  This relationship is similar in the complete lack of any financial or editorial ties.

I write this blog because I like to and because I think it complements what I do on campus at OSU.  I don't do any advertising and I try hard to keep out commercial spam comments.  I started it as a way to try an engage students outside of the classroom and for a select group of present and former students this is true. But it is entirely independent of OSU, this is my blog and I happen to be a professor at OSU - there is no other link to the school.

The blog has become a little different than I imagined - or perhaps it is best to say it is constantly evolving - but I enjoy writing it and I enjoy the interactions it facilitates.  Therefore I am always happy to reach broader audiences even if doing so does not benefit me in any material way.  Obviously there is no such thing as complete objectivity and I have my opinions, but I try and do my best to be as apolitical as possible and where I am opining (as opposed to presenting received economic research) I try and make it clear.

If you have found this blog through the Oregonian News Network then welcome and I hope you enjoy it and please contribute to the conversation.

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